The Man Behind Project QZA

Interview with Qaiser Zain Ul Abedin The great Awarded Musician


Qaiser Zain Ul Abedin is one of the best drummers from Pakistan, who has been playing drums for more than 15 years and played with famous bands / artists such as Ali Azmat, Strings, Noori, Azal, Fuzon, Aaroh, Karavan, Autopsy Gothic, Euphoria (Indian band), Atif Aslam, Kosh, Junoon, Razam, Komal Rizvi, Taimur Tajik, Jawed Bashir, Misha Shaf, Jal, Faisal Ali Khan (RJ), Saif Ali Khan (Indian Actor), Najam Sheraz etc.

On 26th November, 2011, he arranged a successful gig at V-Sel Music Centre, Karachi for which he would like to thank V-Sel Music Centre and all those Artists / Bands including Tanseer Ahmed Daar (Karavan), Komal Rizvi, V-Sel Band, Faisal Ali Khan, Zeest, Heidi Dean, Anam Ahmed & Sundas Rafique and Syed Zia Uddin Qadri as well as Sean Arnaz, Bradley Dsouza, Adeel Mirza and Salman Rasheed who made this event successful.







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