Album Review: Anthrax – Among the Living


The Cup of Joe


Metal Album Review by: Justin Sinclair

Well this is to be the first of many album and show reviews so I thought I would start with a classic. When one thinks of thrash metal four bands should usually come to mind, them being Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Each of these bands helped shape what is modern thrash metal. So starting with Anthrax’s best album to date is Among the Living. All I have to say about this album is that if you have never heard this album or better yet own this masterpiece, then go to your nearest record store (if they even exist), Amazon, or whatever and buy it. This album is so very heavy and so very thrashy, but enough of that.

From the opening track Among the Living you know exactly what you are in for. Among the Living is about the Stephen King book The…

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