Kyun OST Chambaili by Nabeel Nihal Project Feat. Tanseer Dar



Nabeel Nihal is finally back with Nabeel Nihal Project -A collabration with one of the finest and legendary singers of Pakistan, Tanseer Ahmed Daar.

Band Members :

Vocals : Tanseer Ahmed Daar
Guitars & Music Production : Nabeel Nihal
Bass Guitars : Maaz Khan

As one of the pioneer Guitarists and Music Producers of Pakistan, Nabeel has on his Credits – Aaroh who won the Pepsi Battle of the Bands in 2002 and was rated as one the best acts in Pakistan Music history. Nabeel was the Founder and Producer of the band who produced and released the album Sawal in 2003 which was the best seller album for the year 2003 – 2004. Nabeel has been working and producing international bands after his departure from Aaroh.
In 2006, Nabeel also made some waves across the border in India by collaborating with Famous singer KK and legendary Sanjay Dutt producing the title track of the Movie Rakht by Sunil Shetty Productions.

Tanseer Ahmed Daar – One of the best and finest versatile vocalists, Pakistani Music industry has ever produced. Singing for more than a decade now as a lead singer of the most renown band called KARAVAN.
Tanseer have released more than 4 albums of Karavan and presently, his performance in Coke Studio proved his versatile singing capabilities. Having done several successful projects such as Arsh and Circle in mid 90’s, Tanseer too, worked with some of the most popular acts of Pakistan such as Ali Haider, Fakhr-E-Alam and Schehzad Mughal(as a keyboard player).Apart from being a vocalist , Tanseer is an accomplished Pianist and keyboard player.
Tanseer has now teamed up with Nabeel to produce Nabeel Nihal Project in which he proves his versatility and art of singing.

Maaz Khan – Playing since more than a decade, Maaz has a unique talent on bass. He joined the band as the bassist in the band’s early days and has also played a part as a recording engineer in the album. Apart from being a bassist, Maaz is a very talented rhythm guitarist as well.


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