Weekend Reads: WPLongform Picks


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This spring, we introduced the WPLongform tag, as we wanted to give bloggers who write longer pieces (of over 1,000 words) and longform readers a space within the WordPress.com Reader to share and discover new content, from nonfiction to fiction to experimental writing.

We’re glad to see many of you tagging your posts! The contributors at LibrarianShipwreck, for example, have begun to build an archive of essays under the WPLongform tag, commenting on trends in technology and the future of librarianship. Over at JT Weaver, the blogger writes stories about events that have shaped him into the person and father he has become, and has fittingly tagged many of his anecdotes with the WPLongform tag.

One great thing about this tag? It exposes us to stories we may not regularly seek out. In the WPLongform topic page, we recently stumbled upon a tribute to a young veteran,

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