Men’s Style Tips for Summer 2013


Being Stylish 101

men style

The summer is almost here and blokes across the country are still trying to define their style for the season – some of whom are as always having far more success than others. So in the spirit of helping those that still don’t know which end to start with, here’s a look at a few fool-proof tips from the experts on how to look good this summer:


There’s a sweet-spot when it comes to the length of the shorts you should be wearing this year which means avoiding those that look like hot-pants and putting away the mock pedal-pushers. Go for a length that ends just above the knee with a loose-fitting but not baggy feel and a pretty safe neutral colour. The year of the budgie-smuggler is long gone and will not be making a return…thank God!


Don’t expect to be able to get away with wearing…

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