Tierney Of Life By Kamran Ata


Tierney of life is lost in the shadow of death while the music still goes on

raging animosity of inhuman us leading to a blood bath while the young dies on the hand of a bullet wound

are we the Nazi’s and Hitlers of this time close your eyes once and hear the screams of those mothers who lost the life of there fading time

look at the tears of the loved ones praying for another smile while the last breath stills
asking eyes of the one bleeded to his time ” WHY ME WHAT HAVE I DONT”

unchained guns slingers still dances on the road while the week bones of fathers and mothers asking for vengeance asking for wiping of their tears crying for their bitter time.

lose a son or a brother to feel the pain which we go through ask u self is it worth enough to loose them all

hold your hands together and bring smiles on others faces live with peace live to love and let love


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