How to Customize Your Twitter Trends



In addition to cat GIFs, #foodporn and breaking news, Twitter offers something even more special: a look at what’s “trending.”

But in 2012, Twitter changed the system so that your default settings show algorithmic trends tailored specifically to you — not an overall popular move.

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However, it’s possible to change your default settings to show what’s really trending — around the world, in a certain country or in a particular geographical area, such as a state, county or province.

In our simple walkthrough above, find out how to customize your account to see a wider and truer view of trending topics than the tailored trends offer.

Homepage image courtesy of Flickr, Carlos Smith

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  1. Great tip. Thanks for sharing.

    1. kamranata says:

      🙂 i will post more to help fellow bloggers and readers if you wish you can check the pages on my blog they have more info on development, design etc cheers

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