please share: we need to voice this out


we need to voice this out… I dont know if its happening elsewhere in the world but this is the rotten state of affairs of Pakistani embassy Dubai. May be .. just maybe someone will listen…

An illustration of why Pakistan and its people are in a cesspool of shit and unlikely to recover:

I just called up Mr. Riaz, the so-called Welfare Attache with the Pakistan Consulate in Dubai, to get some info on MA privte exams. This is how the conversation went:

Mr. Riaz: Hello?
Me: Salamalaikum Riaz sahab baat kar rahe hain?
Mr. Riaz: Haan! (very gruffly)
Me: Ji, Mera naam Ujala hai, mujha aapka contact Rizwana sahab nai dya hai.
Mr Riaz: Kaun Rizwan (he literally barks this)
Me: REizwan Fancy from Pakistan Association … (I don’t get a chance to finish as he cuts me off)

“Mai bohot busy hu,” and then he hangs up.


Is this person the welfare attache for Pakistani people in Dubai?! Is this how you treat the people whose welfare you have been appointed for?!!

If anyone knows him or anyone else at the Pakistan consulate, please do forward this status onwards.

Rest of the Pakistani UAE residents, please share this status and spread awareness about the kind of people who have been put in charge of our ‘welfare’.


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