Amazon Launches in India, Only Sells Books

E-commerce in Asia is heating up as Amazon has finally launched its site in India — albeit very quietly. India is the third Asian country that Amazon has reached, with Japan and China preceding it.

TheNextWeb reports that the Amazon India site only allows users to buy and sell books at this point in its development, and it’s hard to say how the site might expand in the future — especially since the closest thing we have to a press release from Amazon is the infographic pictured below.

The only part of the site that is currently available to users in India is Amazon Marketplace, which is built for third-party sellers. Amazon is still far from sharing its full, direct B2C service with India, whereas the site sells directly to consumers in Japan and China, in addition to making the Marketplace available to users.

Preparing themselves for the new competition that Amazon India will bring are other other e-commerce players like Flipkart, HomeShop18 and SnapDeal, which just closed a $50 million investment negotiation with U.S. e-commerce giant eBay.

Last year Amazon launched in India as an e-commerce aggregator and price comparison service. That was also thought to be a test-bed for a full Amazon launch in the country. But it seems Amazon is already quite popular in India, with browser maker Opera noting that the site is the number two e-commerce player in India based on the habits of Opera Mini users.

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