Shahzeb murder case: Shahrukh Jatoi sentenced to death


KARACHI: An anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Karachi sentenced Shahrukh Jatoi, the main accused in the Shahzeb murder case, to death in its verdict on Friday.

Moreover, another suspect, Siraj Talpur, was also awarded capital punishment for his role in the crime.

Whereas, two other suspects in the case, Sajjad Ali Talpur and Ghulam Murtaza Lashari were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The ATC also announced that the convicted individuals would have to pay a fine of Rs 500,000 each. Moreover, Jatoi was handed an added three years prison sentence for illegal possession of weapons.

As soon as the judgment was announced, Jatoi’s brother got into an argument with judges and had to be taken out of the court’s premises.

Due to which, the detailed judgment of the case could not be signed by those convicted and they were sent away. They were, however, called back to the court’s premises and asked to sign the judgment.

The convicted individuals were then taken towards central jail.

Later, family members of those convicted said they would file an appeal challenging the court’s judgment.

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