3 Rules for Creating a Beautiful Online Portfolio


If you’re a creative professional — e.g. a designer, photographer, writer or advertising exec — you’ll likely need to show an online portfolio as part of the application process for any job.

But no matter what field you’re in, having a permanent link where people can access your workhas other benefits, too. It’s standard practice these days for recruiters to Google candidates’ names to see what they can dig up. And when they do, having a website that shows off the articles you’ve written, campaigns you’ve been a part of or other past work you’re particularly proud of can be a huge asset.

In addition, an online portfolio allows you to easily collect all of your clips or work samples in one spot. When you need to pull together materials to showcase in an interview, you’ll be happy that everything is available and up-to-date. I’ve found my collection of clips that I keep on Tumblr to be a great way for others to see my latest articles all in one place and for me to assess the trends and topics that I cover best.

Of course, before you start throwing things up on a website, you’ll want to make sure that this micro-homepage is visually attractive and dynamic. There are plenty of platforms you can use(Carbo, DripBook, Krop and Carbonmade are some of the best), but regardless of which one you choose, these tips will help you convey the right message in your portfolio.

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