Game of Thrones Season Three Finale Become ‘Most Pirated TV Episode Ever’

More people viewed season finale by torrent than the premiere episode

It has emerged that the series three final of Game of Thrones was pirated online more than any other show in 2013. In fact, it could potentially be the most pirated show ever.

The season finale of season three was under the single torrent of ‘Myhsa’ and was shared by as many as 171,572 yesterday.

If considering the number of people watching the final episode amongst the five files, it’s estimated that 608,000 people were sharing or downloading Myhsa at any single moment.

Torrentfreak have estimated that a million people have already downloaded the show and that figure is potentially set to rise to five million by the end of the week.

There’s no surprise that the figures suggest that it’s the most torrented show of 2013 and it’s even more popular than the opening episode of the season, which was the most pirated show of 2012.

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