With iOS 7, Apple Leads by Following

pple has shown the world the future of its iOS software — and it’s gorgeous.

As Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice-president of software engineering, took us through slides during the WWDC keynote that revealed beautiful translucent layers and genuinely useful features such the Control Center, I’m sure I wasn’t the only iPhone user thinking, “Take my money now.”

Now that we’re moving further away from the reality distortion field that accompanies every Apple event, however, it’s worth asking: What did Apple really unveil at WWDC 2013? Is iOS 7 truly innovative in mobile?

Stop Me if You’ve Seen This…

As useful as Control Center is — including a gesture that calls up some of the phone’s most-used settings — it’s something that several Android phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Droid RAZR HD) have been doing for a while. In fact, in BlackBerry 10, it’s one of the fundamental features, as is gesturing in general.

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