George Takei’s Facebook Ghostwriter Apologizes

Hip, hilarious and oh-so-topical, George Takei has one of the most popular and beloved Facebook feeds on the social web. His compassion and humor have helped him smoothly reincarnate himself as a modern Internet sensation after starring as Hikaru Sulu on the 1960sStar Trek TV series.

That’s why many of his loyal fans were dismayed to learn last week that their online hero is not, in fact, the clever one-man idea factory he seems to be on Facebook.

How’d the secret get out? An email that journalist Rick Polito sent to Jim Romenesko‘s media-watching blog. In the message, Polito said that he’s been paid $10 per joke for producing content — some of which “got 10 likes per second for hours” — for Takei’s Facebook page.

But now, it seems Polito is feeling guilty about his wake of shattered dreams and now-tainted jokes.


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