The Drama Behind A New Financial System

Deus Nexus


ByDeus Nexus | David Nova

Everyone has been shouting about a new financial system, some in hope, others with fear.  Here is my perspective on the real possibility of a new system/reset and the inevitable delay of its rollout.

I believe that both the promoters and the nay sayers are partially correct in their hyped-up assessment of both the financial salvation and the cabal deception.

From the outset, we should probably presume that the concept and structure of any new global financial system originated within the cabal-Illuminati.  Who else brokers in elaborate financial structure and power?  Was it not their centuries-old agenda to create a New World Order, the foundation of which would need to be a new global monetary system?

However, we should not dismiss the very real possibility that Light Forces are successfully attempting to co-opt and transform such a financial structure for the liberation of mankind.  This has…

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