Facebook Will Let You Save Links to Read Later




Mark Zuckerberg has described his social network as a “personalized newspaper” β€” and for seasoned users with a wide-range of like-minded friends, it’s hard not to argue that the articles that pop up in your news feed constitute the most engrossing read in the world, if not exactly the most timely one.

But Zuckerberg also knows you could be reading Facebook more in any given day. What about those times when you’re just skimming the app during a spare minute? What if you don’t have time to read any of those fascinating links?

If you’ve ever gone hunting through your feed for an article you saw earlier, you’ll welcome the news that Facebook appears to be testing a “save for later” feature. This isn’t the first time the company has tested the idea, but it does appear to be more advanced and closer to wide release.

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