Scream Pakistan’s new look for the women of today is taking the fashion scene by storm variety from formal to causal dress makes it the most wanted dress code ever for women a sneak peak into the design line as follows.

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SCREAM is a clothing line inspired by a joyous emotion of extreme excitement. What do you do when you get a complete package? You SCREAM, in joy, that’s exactly what we make you do by giving you a complete Fashion Package. We aim for high fashion, with contemporary trends and silhouettes you can only DREAM of, juxtaposing them at prices to SCREAM for!! Call us a fashion geek as we have a screaming passion for fashion, now fashion is spelled as S.C.R.E.A.M.SO LIKE US AND STAY UPDATED …….

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The elegant approach

Scream is taking over the fashion world with its ingenious fashion line. Here we have the Head Over Heels Two Piece Tunic which features a double treat for all the ladies. It is composed of two tops; the Navy Blue one has a stylish round neck and three-quarter sleeves and a catchy graphic right above the pleated hemline. The red one, worn underneath is a sleeveless tunic with a similar stylish round neck and hemline. The best part is you can wear both of them together or separately and not lose an ounce of the panache of the original two-piece ensemble. Throw in some zebra striped tights to match the graphic, and make people fall head over heels in love with your sense of style.

The Zulu Goddess 


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