Zindage Kitni Haseen Hai Film Premier

As I was going to the premier thinking that this film would be same as the other films which were released before. But knowing Sajjal ali a very interesting actress changed my mind as I walked in “wow” was the first world came out of my mouth to see such a response   Not only the film industry but from the general people who were invited , as I stepped in the red carpet area I saw Sajjal and Feroz taking selfies with audience and smiling along with awesome Aaijaz aslam, Humayun Saeed , Behroz Sabzwari , Sherpa Sabzwari  along with so many stars on the red carpet inspite all the amazing celebs taking selfies and pictures and showing these love for the new comer Feroz and the whole cast Omaima malik being the selfiesh her also tried smiling for someone else sucess.


A very well knitted script I must say beautifully written and amazing direction made the whole cinema mezmirized along with Sajjal Ali’s epic acting indeed she has shown that she means business iam speechless flawless acting, Feroz also was very good indeed good to see finally that we have film actors and actress other then Shan the great and not to forget the amazing fahad muatafa and Fawad khan. About few glitches in the film were the character “Cheema” was a filler  not good at all his entry to exit scenes were not connected well and acted to comic, then the part “6months later” was also a bit drag  but the acting of “dodo” covered it all up then we go to few shots in court room I could see color grading jumps but all and all a beautiful film love the background music and  songs . A must see for families


Gallery post by @kamranata.

Source: Zindage Kitni Haseen Hai Film Premier


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