Hindi Medium Movie Review


​#Dhanak Review:

Saba Qamar’s #Bollywood debut is an absolute treat to watch. Hindi Medium is the story which we can easily relate to what is happening in Pakistan as well. 

Raj (#IrrfanKhan) and Mithu (#SabaQamar) are financially quiet well-off parents and trouble only starts when Saba decides that for the better future of her child she has to admit her to an English Medium school and thus their struggle to enroll their child to a ‘5 star’ English medium school begin. 

After failing in their first attempt, they decided to try ‘Right to Education’ quota and for that they have to live in a low-income community in order to get their child admission in high society school. It where they learnt the simplicity of life and that humanity still exists in this world.

Irrfan Khan as ever mastered his character of a husband who is deeply in love with his wife and does everything what she asks from leaving his traditional area of Delhi to living in slums just to make his wife happy.

Saba Qamar on the other hand didn’t miss a single chance to impress with her natural acting skills and in every scene, she playing a mother who is only worried about her daughter and cannot even think or see beyond her future. She never tried too hard to look glamorous, she didn’t try anything unnecessarily to her character and not only did the basics right but walk side by side of Irrfan Khan to prove her acting talent. Her chemistry, dialogue delivery, style with Irrfan Khan is impeccable. 

Pakistan should be proud of having such a talented actress in their fraternity.

In the end unlike traditional Bollywood movies where a single emotional speech changes everything, this film only changes a married couple. The rest remains the same. It also highlights the depleted infrastructure of government run schools something we can surely relate to our country. 

Saket Chaudhary did well to place much needed humour and satire related to the high society of the country something extremely difficult to do because it is actually against the very audience who have to watch the movie.

In the end I believe that it is a must watch film, something that many cinema goers are not used to watch.

The film has no item number no masala and as such no glamour and yet it will surely steel your heart away. 

My ratings 4.5/5

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