Yeh Hai Karachi Ramadan Series  (Jawariah Shahbaz and the team)


Today was 3rd roza since yesterday I have received messages about the amazing people who are taking care of needy in this holy month of Ramadan, gave me an idea to shoot videos of them and promote them since they are doing what our government or the TV channels should be doing this rather then game shows and good for nothing talk shows.

Opposite to Discovery mart I saw a group of people sitting on a footpath nicely cleaned and properly covered with beautiful dastarkwan, it was the effort of these amazing youngsters along with their parents so I went to them since I already spoke to this lady Jawariah I asked one of the guys working there about her they directed me towards a girl not more then 20 or 23 at the most I was thinking she would take me to Jawariah but NO it was her . I was shocked to see a young girl with so many friends working for the betterment of general people had no attitude and had a smiling face said Aap Kamran hain  I said yes and started asking her questions and started recording after I stopped I found out that our country is filled with these amazing youngsters who are driving this campaign to help others makes me feel so proud of them and a slaute to their parents for raising them to be awesome.

Well they were preparing justices drinks few of them helping distribution of fruits and my fav the biryani yes these guys were not just giving samosa and rolls they were actually distributing proper yummy food makes me wonder where are these amir liaquats and sahir lodhis hidding  I mean you can see them on the TV for sure glorifying themselves and helping the TRP of the channel, while these kids where getting duaz from the people who were their for iftar 
God bless you all , this is Pakistan and these are the true leaders of our country 

Checkout the video


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