Burger o clock the yummy treat 

After sharing a post about Ramadan deals I thought why not try on and see are these deals good enough or not, so I picked Burger OClock asked my family to get ready and then zoooooooooom here iam at the Burger joint called Burger O Clock.

Since we arrived late almost 2 minutes left for iftar we ordered deal 2 which has 2 extreme burgers, fries, chicken wings the only question I asked was “Bhi burger ka size tu bars hai na” and the guy replies yes and also said u will love it, after the order I was observing the place and the people working, I realized that they were veery kind and very well managed rather then being oblivion 2 mins before the time of iftar they were very content and helpful as the iftar breaks we all started with dates and water while these guys were working and break iftar which made me think if only more ppl like them would inspire more, so going back to the deal it has 2 of there extreme burgers fries and 5 chicken sticks .

The burgers were yummy it was filled with mashrroms, tomato’s cheeze and beef patie mayo made this burger awesome the chicken atickes were awesomly hot along with garlic paste . I can say one thing “Burger o clock has yummy burgers and humble team” go there and enjoy the meal


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