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Burger o clock the yummy treat 

After sharing a post about Ramadan deals I thought why not try on and see are these deals good enough or not, so I picked Burger OClock asked my family to get ready and then zoooooooooom here iam at the Burger joint called Burger O Clock.

Since we arrived late almost 2 minutes left for iftar we ordered deal 2 which has 2 extreme burgers, fries, chicken wings the only question I asked was “Bhi burger ka size tu bars hai na” and the guy replies yes and also said u will love it, after the order I was observing the place and the people working, I realized that they were veery kind and very well managed rather then being oblivion 2 mins before the time of iftar they were very content and helpful as the iftar breaks we all started with dates and water while these guys were working and break iftar which made me think if only more ppl like them would inspire more, so going back to the deal it has 2 of there extreme burgers fries and 5 chicken sticks .

The burgers were yummy it was filled with mashrroms, tomato’s cheeze and beef patie mayo made this burger awesome the chicken atickes were awesomly hot along with garlic paste . I can say one thing “Burger o clock has yummy burgers and humble team” go there and enjoy the meal

Yeh Hai Karachi Ramadan Series  (Jawariah Shahbaz and the team)

Today was 3rd roza since yesterday I have received messages about the amazing people who are taking care of needy in this holy month of Ramadan, gave me an idea to shoot videos of them and promote them since they are doing what our government or the TV channels should be doing this rather then game shows and good for nothing talk shows.

Opposite to Discovery mart I saw a group of people sitting on a footpath nicely cleaned and properly covered with beautiful dastarkwan, it was the effort of these amazing youngsters along with their parents so I went to them since I already spoke to this lady Jawariah I asked one of the guys working there about her they directed me towards a girl not more then 20 or 23 at the most I was thinking she would take me to Jawariah but NO it was her . I was shocked to see a young girl with so many friends working for the betterment of general people had no attitude and had a smiling face said Aap Kamran hain  I said yes and started asking her questions and started recording after I stopped I found out that our country is filled with these amazing youngsters who are driving this campaign to help others makes me feel so proud of them and a slaute to their parents for raising them to be awesome.

Well they were preparing justices drinks few of them helping distribution of fruits and my fav the biryani yes these guys were not just giving samosa and rolls they were actually distributing proper yummy food makes me wonder where are these amir liaquats and sahir lodhis hidding  I mean you can see them on the TV for sure glorifying themselves and helping the TRP of the channel, while these kids where getting duaz from the people who were their for iftar 
God bless you all , this is Pakistan and these are the true leaders of our country 

Checkout the video

LDG Sindh’s slackness delays completion of Rs 10b schemes

May 23, 2017

Daily Times Karachi

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LDG Sindh’s slackness delays completion of Rs 10b schemes

* Commission mafia increases cost of project by taking 15 percent out of 20 percent advance payments
By Aslam Shah 

KARACHI: Sindh government has failed in completing Rs 10 billion mega development schemes of Karachi in stipulated period during outgoing fiscal year 2016-17, officials of Local Government Department (LGD) Sindh informed.
Out of total 21 development projects, LGD had slashed three projects namely Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Flyover at Shaheen Complex with estimated cost of Rs 300 million, underpass at Regent Plaza, Shahrah-e-Faisal worth Rs 525 million and underpass at Star Gate, Karachi Airport with approved estimated cost of Rs 500 million, officials said.
LGD even failed to start work on underpass at Submarine Chowrangi in Clifton, approved estimated cost of Rs 699.46 million, and Natha Khan Bridge U-turn with an estimated cost of Rs 141 million.
In addition, 14 development projects, at total estimated cost of Rs 6.87 billion, remained under construction and could not be completed by the end of fiscal year 2016-17, according to the LGD officials.
The unfinished or partially completed development projects include construction of storm-water drain from Jinnah Terminal to Chakora Nullah via Natha Khan Bridge under the supervision of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board engineers, requisition of snorkel purchase for Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, Manzil Pump Flyover at N-5 on National Highway, widening of both sides roads from Metropole to Star Gate, remodeling of Baloch Colony Flyover and construction of road, re-construction of Drigh Colony Flyover, construction of University Road from Hassan Square to NIPA, University Road from NED University to Safoora Chowk, rehabilitation of Mosamiyat Road, Hub Road remaining portion, rehabilitation of Surjani to Madinatul Hikmat Road, improvement of Karachi Zoo, up-gradation of Pipri Filter Plant Pumping Station, replacement of existing damaged water pipe conduits to 16′ dia pipelines and enhancement of pumping machinery of Union Council-4 Metroville Pumping Station and providing 8 dia water supply line from Hazara Chowk to Al Wajid Town.
The construction cost of Tariq Road which was Rs 516 million for only 2 km was also indicated by City Planner on higher side even the KWSB lines were also taken up in this work.
Besides construction of Khaipur Town Road to link road on National Highway and the portion of road connecting district Malir to Super Highway also remain incompleted.
Niaz Soomro, Project Director Development Projects attributed the delay in completion of these projects to administrative slackness and delayed-release of budgeted finances.
However he admitted that slowdown bidding process has also been remained a hurdle in completion of these development projects in city and elsewhere.
On the condition of anonymity the officials of LGD Sindh revealed that the Department during tendering process takes 15 percent money as commission out of 20 percent advance payments made to contractors. “This act has enhanced the cost of development projects to the tune of Rs 585.6 million”, he further revealed.
Besides the estimated cost of five roads was Rs 3.597 billion but for the sake of commission, LGD gave these contracts were awarded for Rs 3.904 billion. These contracts were given in violation of Sindh Public Procurement Regulatory Authority rules and regulations, around 48 contractors in a joint latter written to Authority revealed.

Hindi Medium Movie Review

​#Dhanak Review:

Saba Qamar’s #Bollywood debut is an absolute treat to watch. Hindi Medium is the story which we can easily relate to what is happening in Pakistan as well. 

Raj (#IrrfanKhan) and Mithu (#SabaQamar) are financially quiet well-off parents and trouble only starts when Saba decides that for the better future of her child she has to admit her to an English Medium school and thus their struggle to enroll their child to a ‘5 star’ English medium school begin. 

After failing in their first attempt, they decided to try ‘Right to Education’ quota and for that they have to live in a low-income community in order to get their child admission in high society school. It where they learnt the simplicity of life and that humanity still exists in this world.

Irrfan Khan as ever mastered his character of a husband who is deeply in love with his wife and does everything what she asks from leaving his traditional area of Delhi to living in slums just to make his wife happy.

Saba Qamar on the other hand didn’t miss a single chance to impress with her natural acting skills and in every scene, she playing a mother who is only worried about her daughter and cannot even think or see beyond her future. She never tried too hard to look glamorous, she didn’t try anything unnecessarily to her character and not only did the basics right but walk side by side of Irrfan Khan to prove her acting talent. Her chemistry, dialogue delivery, style with Irrfan Khan is impeccable. 

Pakistan should be proud of having such a talented actress in their fraternity.

In the end unlike traditional Bollywood movies where a single emotional speech changes everything, this film only changes a married couple. The rest remains the same. It also highlights the depleted infrastructure of government run schools something we can surely relate to our country. 

Saket Chaudhary did well to place much needed humour and satire related to the high society of the country something extremely difficult to do because it is actually against the very audience who have to watch the movie.

In the end I believe that it is a must watch film, something that many cinema goers are not used to watch.

The film has no item number no masala and as such no glamour and yet it will surely steel your heart away. 

My ratings 4.5/5

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