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Revolutionary Rock,Metal,Pop music show to be aired soon

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25 Songs to Thrash to on National Metal Day



While there’s a time and place for moving ballads and soothing soft rock, sometimes you just need to thrash like a maniac to blister-inducing guitar shredding.

Today is that day.

In honor of National Metal Day, turn up our Spotify playlist.



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Calling all SPARTAN… come and join us this Sunday at STOPZONE GIG HALL



Calling all SPARTAN… come and join us this Sunday at STOPZONE GIG HALL (HOME OF SPARTAN….)

9 JUNE 2013

Spartan unites all music all genre and goes beyond boundaries… its a movement to support and push the Johor DIY music scene to the next level -LEONIDAS-

LEVIÆTHAN :Thrash Metal band


LEVIÆTHAN = Leviathan (a book by Thomas Hobbs) + Ethan (Amen)
The two inverted crosses in our logo means ONLY that we don’t agree with some rules/attitudes of the Church.
First of all, Leviæthan is a Thrash Metal band formed back in 1983 in Porto Alegre, capital of Rio Grande do Sul state, South of Brazil… So, it’s a looong story, and here you’ll find some… “points” of it (as years were passing by!!!).
1983 (december) : the band was formed by Flávio Soares (bs), Rossano Nadal (dr/vc) and Carmelo Zarbá (gt)
1984 : they had the song “Guerreiros das Ruas” (“Street Warrios” in english) included in a compilation called “Rock Garagem.
1984/85 : lots of shows in the South of Brazil
1985/86 : line ip changes: Danilo Pizzato joined as the drummer and, after, Rossano Nadal quit and Flávio Soares assumed the vocals too.
1988 : some important facts : first show in São Paulo (could you imagine the difficulties at that time??), first show with Sepultura in Porto Alegre (soon the pics will be posted here in this myspace) and the release of their first (and only one ever) demo tape, called “Thrash Your Brain”.
1989 : a new (and very important) line up change : Carmelo Zarbá quit and Carlos “Lots” Henrique and Alexandre Colletti assumed the guitars, and with this line up they released (in 1990) their 1st “LP”(remember?) called “SMILE”, through Rock Brigade Rec.!
1991 : first time in Argentina (Cemento, in Buenos Aires)
1992 (april) : they played with KREATOR in Porto Alegre and released their 2nd LP (called “DISTURBED MIND”), again through Rock Brigade Rec..
1994 (dezembro) : Alexandre Colletti died tragically, and in the begining of 1995, João Marcelo joined the band. With this line up, they did an important show to the local scene (with ANGRA) and recorded the song “Watch Tomorrow” to the Planet Metal Mag #1 (w/ CD).1997 : Danilo Pizzato decided to quit and they stopped.

2001 : Flávio Soares and Carlos Henrique re-formed the band with drummer Ricardo “Ratão” Fonseca.
2002 (december – what a month!!!) : they returned to the stages.
2003 (april) : Denis Goulart joined Leviæthan on guitar and as a 4 piece band they played a lot…
2005 : Carlos Henrique left (definitly!)
2007/2008 : Eduardo Martinez (Hangar/Panic/Lápide) did a meteorical passage in Leviæthan…
2010 : Manoel Rodrigues joined the band, and his “debut” were at the “SMILE – 20 YEARS OF FUCKING THRASH METAL” comemorative shows.
2011 : here we are!! We hope it’ll be a great year!!!!!
SEE US ON YOUTUBE (Official Video and Live Performances). LINK: ____________________________



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